I feel like I’m getting to the point where I’m getting burnt out on ds106 work.  Although it was another light load this week, I still felt like I had no time to finish everything. I had events going on on Friday night, so I was not able to complete everything and get it posted by midnight, so better late than never, right? Ha haha ha ha heh.


This week, I completed 6.5 stars before the deadline of Friday night. I invited Spooksy for dinner, and an investigation was also opened in hopes of finding the real truth as to who actually killed Victor. Did the walkers really get him, or was it all a conspiracy?? Since we have to create two assignments over the course of the semester, I created the I’m Having an Old Friend for Dinner assignment, and then completed it this week!

Daily Creates:

This week we were supposed to complete 3 daily creates. In the beginning of the week, I didn’t really like any of them, so I didn’t complete them, hoping that there would be better topics the next day! Then it got to Thursday and I realized that I hadn’t completed any.. So this week, I only completed one daily create, but it’s a good one!

Radio Shows:

This week, everyone’s radio show aired on ds106radio! Now, we were only told to listen and review at least one show, but I listened to ALL of the shows this week! (This is where I make up for my slack with other assignments this week..) I listened and reviewed all of the shows this week, except mine, because that wouldn’t be fair.


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