Week 13 was kind of light, course-load wise, which was nice, because I had two papers and a presentation due in my other classes.  By the time Friday rolled around, I was not in the mood for any ds106 work, so I kind of slacked off in posting this on time..

Based on the comments I received on my posts last week, I decided to write a tutorial for the remix that I completed last week.  The remix was of the Multiply Yourself assignment, and I “Stached it”.  The tutorial is pretty straightforward and it walks you through the steps of how to add images to a background image! Since there were no specific tags to use for tutorials of remixed assignments, I tagged the post as a remix assignment and as a tutorial for the main assignment.

Gnomes & Mustaches


I also wrote an update to my final project. I am planning on making it interactive with the viewers, in stead of simply reading/listening/watching a blog post, the viewers have to actually make decisions! We will see if this nonlinear story actually works out!!


By the time I had posted my update, only one other person had posted an update on their final project, and I guess everyone else posted theirs on Friday, so this week, I only commented on one other blog.