Oh Boy. This week was.. Stressful, to say the least.  And it’s only week 2!!! I guess this is what senior year does to people. Although I was not sick this week (yay!), I still felt swamped with work and assignments. My weekend was entirely booked full, so again, I did not have time to start the week 2 assignments then.  Yippee me, working to finish multiple posts on Friday, woo! I am however, tagging all of my posts by the week that they were completed, so for a quick reference of all the week 2 posts, you can check out the week 2 tag.

This week, we had to complete 3 Daily creates. These were not as bad as I thought they would be! They are just a short, quick assignment for the day, and I wish that some of the starred assignments were more like these.  I completed the daily creates from Monday, Tuesday, & Friday. People (mostly Jim) absolutely LOVED my Rambo interpretation!

The Daily Create 31.8.2015Rambo the Rock Star

On the Rocks

I didn’t really have to do much customization to my blog, because I already did that last week! I guess I’m just ahead of the game! It was hard, however, for me to find time to sit down and actually watch the assigned videos this week, but I fit it in and discussed phobias and why the horror stories worked in Night of the Living Dolls.

For this week, we had to complete 8 stars from three different categories in the Assignment Bank.  I wanted to be as efficient as possible this week, and I managed to complete 9 stars in three Assignments.  I completed a WritingAssignment, a DesignAssignment, and I remixed a VisualAssignment.  I really enjoyed crafting and creating the first two, but as the week was winding to a close, I started to feel the pressure that I needed to get those last 4 stars completed, and again, I wanted to be as efficient as possible.  Once I found the last assignment and started to craft it, the creative juices just started flowing and BOOM! I had it completed in no time.

The readings for this week? My first thought when I opened the links: “No! These are sooooo looooonngggg!!!” I guess this is why we have until midnight to finish things, am I right? WORDSWORDSWORDSWORDS I found the article about Open-source horror really interesting, but the other one was incredibly long, and I mostly just skimmed it… whoops. Anywho, the resulting post had a lot to do with alliteration: Marbles, Men, Myths, & Mysteries, well, at least for the title..

Hopefully I’m not as busy this weekend so I can actually start some assignments before Monday… We’ll see.