Week 10.. What can I say. This week has been one of hell of a shit show. I’m definitely glad that this week is over, to say the least.  On top of having to complete all of the assignments for this week, I also had to complete a showcase featuring the best work of last week.

I really enjoyed watching the YouTube video series Every Frame a Painting, and yes, I watched all of them! Using what I learned from those videos, I created my own video essay about an episode of The Twilight Zone featuring Talky Tina.



This week, I drudged my way through video editing using iMovie, and ended up with two little gems, one worth 3 stars, and the other worth 2.5 stars.  I also tried to time lapse Sally making dinner for Spooksy, but alas, technology failed me for 4 stars.


Daily Creates:

This week I was only able to complete one of the two required daily creates, and making this one was a good form of stress relief for me. Maybe I need to color more often…




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