This first week has been interesting..

I’ve been sick all week, and the worst days were Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.. The three days that would have been the best to get a lot of the assignments & introductions completed, but I just did not feel up for the challenge. So this week I sort of fell behind and procrastinated a little, both because I was sick and the first week of school was really hectic.  Let me tell ya, being sick of the first day of Senior Year SUCKS!

Apparently the blog title “DS106” was not creative enough.. I thought it was ok, but hey, that’s just me. — I’m efficient, not so much creative..

I learned that CSS is more trial and error than anything else.  In customizing my site, I wanted to change the header font, and boy was that more time consuming than it should have been! I found a creepy “Halloween” font online and I wanted to use it here, and even after editing both the HTML and CSS files, the font would just not cooperate with me! I had to settle for “Chiller” instead. [Such a shame, I know ;P]

I put off the introductions on Sound Cloud and YouTube, because I hate recording myself, and we are our own worst critic, right? I saved those for last (I don’t know if that was the best thing to do though, because I was just dreading them all week..)

I learned that when I only have a loose guideline of what I want to say prepared, I say “um” a LOT. I cut most of them out of my SoundCloud intro, but thank goodness for Audacity!

When it came to writing a scary story, I had no idea where to start. After reading the Wiki articles for the week, that gave me an idea, which led to “Awake.” This was my attempt at trying to tell the story of The Walking Dead as if it were a narrative, instead of a graphic novel.

When it came to the introductions, Week One I’m sure took a lot of people for a roller coaster ride.  Since I do have some background in most of these areas, creating another subdomain and customizing the site was no problem for me, and I already had half of the multi-media accounts set up! What threw me for a loop was getting over the awkwardness of recording myself… I eventually sucked it up and just went for it.  I actually used the recording booth in the ITCC for the first time and it was eerily quiet when I wasn’t recording. I can see why some people could go insane in a sound-proof room..  In my YouTube intro, I told the audience where I was recording, and after the fact, I had the thought that maybe I shouldn’t have told them where I work. What can I say? I’m an only child and don’t know how to share! I wanted the entire audio booth to myself — mmwahahahaha!!!!!


I hate scary movies, and am more of a comedy and adventure type person, so having horror as the theme for this course will be interesting. We all will have to wait and see how things play out..