Ho hum.. this week.

I thought I started off so strong! Getting most of the readings out of the way early in the week, but I let the Writing Assignments go by the wayside and was up to the last minute finishing those. This week was less stressful than the last, but still busy!

In the beginning of the week, I was on top of things! I completed the horror readings and corresponding response on Monday! I found out the hard way that Lunch and Horror Don’t Mix.. It was also interesting to see Vonnegut’s analysis of the shape of stories. After watching it, it allowed me to think more critically about the characters, the plot and shape of the character stories within the larger story.  I also used his story shape analysis in my movie review of the movie Psycho.

This week, we had to complete 8 stars from the assignment bank.  I completed three assignments: a movie review for 3.5 stars, the wiki game story for 2 stars, and the TV guide remix for 2.5 stars, for a total of 8 stars, yay!

The Movie review was about the movie Psycho and I’m glad that I finally got around to watching it! I checked it out from the library about 3 weeks ago, and it’s just been sitting in my apartment since then!

The Wiki game was pretty cool! I’d never heard of it, but once I discovered it, it was kind of addicting!

The TV guide remix assignment was harder than I thought it would be! Whenever I tried to come up with alternative story plots, they ended up being the same story, with no real plot twist.. Luckily, I have a creative roommate, and was able to bounce some ideas off of her before I created the one for the assignment!

We had to complete three Daily Creates this week. I completed the Daily Creates from Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. When the original post for the week was published, there were no Daily Creates listed for the week and I thought about tweeting to Jim & Paul, saying, “What? No Daily Creates this week???” But alas I did not have to tweet this to them..

The last thing that I could not, for the life of me, come up with any creative ideas, was to create our host characters. In my head, the host is a stoic being, like Rod Serling, and Alfred Hitchcock. How was I gonna live up to those standards?! Again, it wasn’t until I talked with my roommate (and dad), that I created my host character! (What would I do without her?)

Next week is when I’ll get it right, and I won’t be waiting ’til the last minutes to finish the assignments for the week.. You’ll see. I’ll manage my time better, eventually.