Even though this week was “Take it to 11”, it was less stressful on me this week. Strange, how when there are more ds106 assignments that I find a way to manage my time better… Since this was week 2 of videos, I think the assignments came a little more naturally, since I had a better idea of what I was doing in the video editing programs of Movie Maker and iMovie.


This week I completed 17 stars. I had checked out a GoPro from the ITCC for the first part of the week, and was able to play around with it and complete Sign Away, Sally! (4.5 stars) using the GoPro.  I then was able to play around in iMovie some more, and I was able to give Kirk some Helium (3 stars), and censor Gru (5 stars).  From the comments that I had received on these last two posts, it sounded like people were very pleased with my work, so I wrote up a tutorial for how to share the helium!  As I was looking over the work of my classmates today, I noticed that Scott actually used my tutorial to help him complete that assignment! I was really happy to see that my tutorial helped others! 🙂 And finally this week, we got to see another glimpse into the life of Sally Slaughterhouse (4.5 stars).  This was definitely interesting to make, and if it was longer and a full-length documentary, it would be interesting to see where it goes…


Daily Creates:

I didn’t get a chance to complete all of the required Daily Creates this week, but I did manage this one!  Daily Creates are a difficult subject for me. I’m not one who likes or enjoys writing poetry, or drawing, so when TDCs similar to those topics come up, I think, “Eww. I don’t wanna do that one.” And by the time there are ones that I like, it’s the end of the week, and I haven’t completed the required amount.  *sigh* -_-



I had a really enjoyable time watching everyone else’s work for the week, so commenting was pretty easy this week. It’s great to see what everyone is capable of creating.  It also lets you get a better idea of what they like, and how their mind works!  All links should open in a new tab.

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