And so ends week 7.  This was a REALLY busy week for me, so I’m glad that the workload for ds106 this week was a little bit lighter.  Even though Fall Break is upon us, there will be no break for me.  I am swamped with assignments, papers, lab reports, and group projects.  Including the radio show, I have 3 group projects for 3 different classes, all with different people.  Ugh the life of a senior is hard!


This week we were required to complete 10 stars worth of assignments, with at least 5 stars dedicated to our host character.  This week, I completed 12 stars (over achiever!) and 7.5 of those involved my hosts.  During the last audio week (Week 5), Rick killed Walter, and this week, Sally confronted Rick (4 stars) about what he had done. Both are embedded below:



This week I also created a commercial (3.5 stars) that my group can use during our radio show! This was a lot of fun to make and Sally also played a big part in this assignment as well!


And to finish off the week, I created a dialogue between a 911 operator and a caller (4.5 stars), who really was upset over waffle fries on a Sunday.


Radio Show

This week was also the beginning of our radio show group project.  In order to advertise about our upcoming radio show, I created a promo poster to get everyone hyped! You can follow all of my updates about our radio show by checking out my Radio Show category! My promo is shown below:

Grade-A Gruesome



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