This week was images!!! My favorite! However, besides this course, I had a lot going on – 2 quizzes, 2 exams, 3 practices, and too many tutorials and meetings to count!

I completed most of my star assignments on Monday – that’s usually the easiest day for ds106 work for me. I have had previous experience with Photoshop, so that made some things go by a little but faster.  If you are really interested in what I already know, you should probably read A Passion for Pictures. I also LOVE taking pictures, so I borrowed a DSLR camera from the Convergence Center for some of the assignments this week, like the photoblitz! This was a fun activity, but I wish that it was just 5 minutes longer!

This week we were also tasked with creating a paranormal image. This was an interesting topic, because it was very broad and left it open to a lot of interpretation. I like that they give us a lot of leeway in what we want to create, but other times, I want more direction.

This week we also had to complete 12 stars. That is so much work! And all this work that we do each week is only worth 4 points? I don’t think that ratio is quite right….  Anyway, I completed:

Color Changer:

The Cotton Candy Forest


Multiply Yourself:

Many Noras

A-Z Food Collage:

Food Collage A-Z


Shiny Like Silk:

  Silk design     Silk design 2


Larger Than Life:

Larger Than Life

I already had some of these images saved from other trips that I have taken in the past, so I didn’t have to go out and take THAT many photos this week!



Three Daily Creates this week were also centered around the theme of photography and image editing, which was great for me!


It's All Your Fault!



 Awe, Amazement, Joy, & Peace



The Bend and Snap!


This week, I was also selected to review the best works of last week, week 3. That was another assignment that I had on my plate this week. Woooo… Luckily though, we only have to create these best work anthologies twice this semester.

Cinematography is a great subject, but watching an entire movie? I’m a senior and don’t have THAT much time on my hands… (This is why most of my posts are posted on Friday nights!!!) Is it Fall Break yet?   Oh wait.. I’ll still have ds106 work over that break too.. darn. “Ya killin’ me, Smalls!”