Design week wasn’t so bad! When I first started to read the assignment post for the week, I wasn’t sure what all “design” would entail..


I really enjoyed the Assignment Bank this week. A lot of the choices were really fun to complete! I was an over-achiever and completed 13.5 stars this week, instead of the 12 required, woah! We also had to complete one assignment with a star value greater than 4. I completed two! Here are the following assignments that I completed and their star values:

A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing – 3 stars

Chipotle - Panera 

Post Secret – 2 stars

Friday Night

Lyric Typography Poster – 4 stars

FOB Lyric Poster v2

Professor Groom Poster – 4.5 stars

Jim Poster


Daily Creates

For the first time, I finished all of the required daily creates before Friday!! This week, I completed the Daily Creates for:





Love at First Shot

When it came to the Love at First Shot assignment, I really had no idea where to start.. I didn’t have any old photos of family members – I’m at school, and the photos would be at home.. It wasn’t until Thursday night that an idea came to me to try to find a photo that I had already taken on a previous adventure. That was when I remembered my Costa Rica trip and all of the macaws!

Two Love Birds


Vignelli’s Canon

Vignelli brought up some great points about the fundamental elements of design.  I related a lot of the design fundamentals to photography fundamentals.


Submitting Assignments, Tutorials, etc.

I didn’t submit any assignment ideas this week, but I do have a few written down that I need to develop a little it more. I also wasn’t sure about when we should submit assignments.. Can we only submit Design Assignments during design week, and Audio Assignments during audio week, or can any assignment be submitted any time?



I think the concept for a design blitz is really cool, but as I write this, I wouldn’t have enough time to finish the blitz. I was not able to take pictures of actual designs this week, but I did notice them and analyze them as I looked at them. Like Paul and Jim said in the weekly post, you can learn a great deal from bad design, and some advertisements/ designs and layouts catch your eye and hold your attention better than others.


Film Design

This week we were also required to watch a film of our choice from the list that was provided.  I had picked Alien, since it was going to be on TV this week, so I recorded it and started to watch it on my computer through my DVR at home, even though I was not there! Unfortunately I ran out of time and didn’t get to watch as much of the film as I would have liked to, but I still saw enough to analyze a portion of its design.


And as we end the week, it completely down poured, making it the perfect weather to watch a movie, but sadly, I had so many other commitments, already!