Audio, by far is my second least favorite thing to work on/with.  This mostly comes from the fact that I hate recording myself, or listening to recordings of myself.


This week, I felt more on top of things than I have in previous weeks. I didn’t put as many of the assignments off until the last minute, but Audacity was another thorn in the side.. I think I might need to update to a newer version of Audacity (?) but it was still incredibly slow all week!

For 10 stars this week, I completed the following assignments:

Music Mashup: 3.5 stars

Sound Effect story: 3.5 stars

Slow it Down 800%: 3.5 stars

———> Although I find that 800% is a little extreme and would take FOREVER to slow down. slowed down even by 40% makes a HUGE difference and makes the song almost indistinguishable.


We also had to complete 3 Daily Creates this week:





We also were asked to reflect on audio as a cornerstone of storytelling, and although I hate working with audio, I love hearing it integrated into all types of media.

This week was also had another first for me: live tweeting. I tuned in to ds106 radio on Wednesday night, and live tweeted along with other ds106ers about the stories being told from 9-10pm.  It was definitely interesting and not as bad as I thought it would be! Everyone used the tag #ds106tales in order to follow along with each other.

Another assignment this week was to create a radio bumper. Although it is listed in the assignment bank, it unfortunately did not count toward our star count this week.

We were also supposed to come up with a few ideas for a radio show. I thought this was a little more challenging. I’m more of a hands-on type of learner, so coming up with audio ideas is not my area of expertise.  I just hope that my group members might have a little better idea than mine…

Unfortunately this week I did not get around to reading “Last Laugh” from the library.  I forgot about it earlier in week, and then when I remembered on Friday, the library was already closed.  However, it was interesting to read how sound played a role in the movie Alien.

I also didn’t comment as much as I should have this week, but I will definitely work on that next week!

Alas, this week we also said goodbye to our dear friend Walter the Walker.  Sally is really torn up about this.  We hope that there is a brighter future for Sally next week, as she slowly moves past this horrific, life-changing event.

Let’s hope next week is a little better than this one..