Don’t know how to complete the Chipmunk Style assignment? Look no further! Here is your step by step guide to creating and completing this assignment! You can also view my original post about this assignment and see the finished product!

You will first need to find a video that you want to edit.  If you need help with this part, refer to the video resources page provided by ds106tales.  Make sure your video clip is saved as an .mp4 file.  Once you have your video, follow the steps below.


Using Audacity

1. Open Audacity, and import your video clip.  Audacity has the capability of reading audio from .mp4 clips, so make sure that .mp4 is the file type!

Chipmunk 6

2. Click on the left side of the audio clip to select the whole clip.  If the entire clip is selected, it should be a few shades darker.

Chipmunk 7

3. Click “Effect” then select “Change Pitch…”

Chipmunk 8

4. A new dialogue box should open up, where you can choose how high or low you want the pitch to be.  You do have the opportunity to preview the changes before you actually make them.  It is up to you how much of a chipmunk you want the voices to sound.  Usually 50% or higher sounds like a chipmunk.  When you are finished, click “OK”.

5. When you are finished editing the audio, click “File” then “Export”.  You will then be prompted to save the file. Save the file as .mp3 and somewhere where it will be easy to find, like you desktop.  A Metadata box will then open.  This information is not necessary, but feel free to add any information you want!  

Using iMovie

1. Open iMovie, and create a New Movie

Chipmunk 1

2. Choose “No Theme” then click “Create”. Name your movie something that you will remember/ something that is related to your project.  Then click “OK”.

Chipmunk 2

3. Click and drag you clip into the timeline on the bottom half of the window.

Chipmunk 3

4. Click “Edit” then “Select All”. Your entire clip should be surrounded by a yellow frame.

5. Next, click “Modify”, then click “Detach Audio”.

Chipmunk 4

6. Your audio should now be separate from your video clip, and should appear as a green strip below the video in the timeline.

Chipmunk 5

7. Delete the original green audio from your Timeline.

8. Locate the audio clip that you edited using Audacity.  Click and drag that audio clip into your video timeline.  Make sure that the audio starts at the beginning and is lined up with the video.  Otherwise, the audio will not line up with the video!

Chipmunk 9

9. You can now preview your video before exporting it, to make sure that the audio and video line up.  When you are ready to export, click “Share” then “File”. Save the file to your computer, and then you can upload the file to YouTube, or any other video sharing site. You do have the opportunity to upload it directly to YouTube, but I like to save it as a file on my computer, just in case something happens when uploading to YouTube.

Chipmunk 10

10. Upload your video to YouTube, and viola! You have completed this assignment! Now for the blog post write up… Here is the final product!