Arggghhh ughhhrrrrgg hhhhaaaarrggh eeerrrrrgggghhhhhh aaarrrhhhhh haaaaarrrrghgh


Hi there! My name is Sally Slaughterhouse! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the translator for your new host, Walter the Walker! He can be hard to understand sometimes, so that’s why I’m here! So where do I start?! I’ve been translating for the livingly-challenged now, for about, well, since the start of the apocalypse!! I realized I had a talent for understanding what they said, and well.. the rest is history!




Oh, yes. Sorry! Now for a little bit about Walter. Walter used to be a chemistry teacher, and then he found a new career path. Now, some of you may know that Walter got into a bind a few years back, and had a slight run-in with the law… Everything worked itself out in the end, but then.. everything started changing, and people weren’t themselves. There was chaos and disaster, but we here in New Mexico held things together! I don’t know why so many people left.. They should have stayed here! But that’s ok, we get along just fine without them!


hhheeerrrrghghrrrrggghhh ghhhgggrrraarrhh


There will be more of us to come! We hope to see you all very shortly!

And, come visit New Mexico if you get the chance! It’s like the apocalypse never happened here! Byyyeee!!! 😀