As classes begin, we also start the first week of ds106. The week hasn’t been off to a great start for me – being sick on the first day of classes sucks!

So far I have created accounts on SoundCloud, and Twitter. I NEVER thought that I would ever have a Twitter. I never really understood the point of it, and I still really don’t but after this class, we’ll see how much I actually end up using it..


I have friends that use SoundCloud to share their music that they create, but I’ve never had the ear to create musical masterpieces like them. (yes, some of my friends are really musically inclined, and I personally know the producer of this little YouTube gem..) Anywho, I know I will have to use SoundCloud throughout this course so I might as well start to figure out how to use it sooner rather than later!       I also work at the Digital Knowledge Center at UMW so if any other ds106ers need help with anything, I’m here to help! (Shameless work plug, woot woot!) Because of my job, I have become very savvy with a multitude of technologies and softwares, so I am very familiar with Flickr and actually have used it for my other blogs! The image I chose for Flickr is when I visited the Black Forest in southwest Germany. I fell in love with the area and am longing for the day when I return to the beautiful country that I call my second home.             A Day in the Black Forest    


I always peruse around YouTube and favorite and like other videos, but I’ve never been that creative to post videos that viewers would actually enjoy watching.. I guess I’ll have to start sharing videos now!      


I hope this post has given everyone a little insight into my life!   

Stay spooky,