This week, everyone’s radio show was aired on ds106radio! I was able to listen in on all of the shows Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday, I chose to go to Lip Sync, which is a Homecoming week tradition, so I was not able to listen in on Thursday night, but since all of the shows are all online, I was able to listen to 3rd Millennium Countdown on my own time! The list of shows are in reverse airing order, meaning that the most recent show to air on ds106 radio is listed first.

Thursday night shows:

3rd Millennium Countdown:

Although I have not seen The Purge, this review kind of makes me want to see it! It was clever how they had a commercial for security systems right after the movie that has a security system as a large part of the plot! I thought it was nice how they shared a clip of each film after their review, so you could get an idea of the movie.  I think I would have liked the show better if they had review the best 4, and then the last 4, instead of good, bad, good, bad, etc.  This show was laid out that each group member had their clip, and then the next group member had their clip. The show might have flowed a little more if the hosts interacted with each other more than they did.

Horrific Radio:

Since the other show was not by a UMW group, I did not know where to find their show online, so there is no review for Horrific Radio.


Wednesday night shows:

The Creepy Chronicles:

The show had perfect maniacal laughter, whispering voices, and creepy background music.  The subtle humor lightened the mood at times where it could have gotten darker. Each scary story used minimal sound effects to get their point across. It really worked! There were actually points where I had goosebumps. The stories seemed to get spookier, creepier, and better as the show progressed! The group did a great job of layering voices, sound effects and music together. This show was produced very well!


Tuesday night shows:

The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour:

Since I was a part of this show, I feel it wouldn’t be right if I reviewed it. Although there were a few jumps/ skips in the broadcast that were not on our original SoundCloud version, so I don’t know what happened there.

The Edward Creeper Show:

There was a great list of movies that were reviewed and has made my list of movies to watch even longer! This show had some awesome sound effects and actually had clips of the movies that they were reviewing. These clips gave the audience a taste of the movie, without giving away any huge spoilers.  I enjoyed how the hosts were integrated in all portions of the show, and played off of each other.  This show was put together very nicely!


Monday night shows:

Horrible Hosts:

Spooksy was a great radio host! He was funny, scary, and all around a great fit for radio in general! Although the audio quality of some sections was poor, some segments definitely made up for others.  I felt that it was hard to distinguish between commercials and bumpers at times.

Corpus Melus:

This group used sound effects very effectively in their broadcast.  I liked how there were music interludes between each section.  It helped to distinguish when one story ended and another began.