Oh boy.. Where to start? How about starting with watching some creepy shows starring some creepy dolls? To start, we had to watch three videos involving dolls: The Twilight Zone “Living Doll”Night Gallery “The Doll”;  Trilogy of Terror “Amelia”.

My first thought about “Living Doll” was “Oh I love this episode!!” Twilight Zone is one of my mom’s favorite TV shows, so it’s always playing on New Year’s when SyFy has a 2-day marathon. However, I always thought that her name was Talking Tina, not Talky Tina… I thought “The Doll” was interesting, but not all that creepy. Granted, the doll looked scary with those wild black eyelashes, but the storyline was just not that strong.  “Amelia”, however, gave me the creeps. I don’t know what it was about that show, but I actually had goosebumps while watching it.  Maybe it was the pointy teeth of the doll, or the fact that it kept attacking Amelia, until the two became one, and Amelia had the same razor-sharp teeth..

What these stories have in common is an eeriness to the story line and one character that is the villain.  In the Twilight Zone, the step-father was portrayed as the ‘bad guy’ in that he didn’t really love his step-daughter.  In Night Gallery,  the Uncle was the villain in the Indian’s eyes, so he wanted to punish the uncle for killing the Indian’s brother during the war.  Although never shown on screen, the mother was the bad guy in “Amelia”.  In all three, the doll was acting like a guardian, protecting one party over another.  Are dolls the hero or the villain of the story?

What makes these stories effective is that the writers take an inanimate object, and animate it in some form or another.  In these instances, the dolls become animated.    The writers also usually play on the fears of the viewers. Pediophobia, Coulrophobia, and Arachnophobia are a few common phobias that are common evils portrayed in scary stories.

After looking at this List of Phobias, I find it interesting that some of these phobias actually exist! Take Phagophobia for example. If you have a fear of swallowing, how do you even survive? You have to swallow in order to eat, drink, etc.! What makes me sad is actually knowing that some people have Turophobia! They don’t know what they’re missing — cheese is delicious! But I think my favorite one on the list would have to be Sesquipedalophobia. Long words aren’t that scary — you just have to break them down and sound them out!