Dear future ds106ers,

This course can be a lot of fun, if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  However, this course also requires A LOT of time commitment and work in order to complete all of the assignments.

If your class has assignments due on Fridays, don’t wait until Friday afternoon to complete everything.  Your Friday nights will be spent rushing to finish turning assignment in on time, and you won’t enjoy your Friday nights until everything is complete.

If you are looking for an easy class to fulfill that pesky art performance gen-ed, this course is not for you – that’s what the dance classes are for.. However, if you want to better understand a variety of media tools, such as Photoshop, iMovie, MovieMaker, Audacity, then this class is definitely for you!

Don’t be fooled by your other intro classes: You are not baby-ed along throughout the semester. The professor is not there to hold your hand through every assignment. This course is (almost) entirely online, and (sometimes) you never actually meet your professor in person.  This is definitely a laissez-faire type class.

I enjoyed my time in this class, sometimes, and sometimes I got burnt out ds106 in general and there were weeks where I had no interest in completing any of the work.

Overall, this is a worthwhile class if you want to do anything with any form of media in order to tell a story.  This is also kind of like DKC tutor bootcamp, if you ever have any interest in working for the Digital Knowledge Center at UMW in the future.  Have fun, don’t kill yourself every week, don’t procrastinate, and don’t take yourself too seriously!



A ds106 alum



PS – Next semester (Spring 2016), I will be creating a “Dear future ds106er” video.  I originally had the idea when Paul told us that we needed to write an advice post, but I knew that it was simply IMPOSSIBLE to take on such a huge project during finals week.  If you have taken ds106, and would be interested in being a part of this spring project, please let me know, and I will keep you updated!