He lies motionless in his hospital bed, then *GASP!*

“Nurse! Nurse,” he whispers through coughs. There is no one there. He tries to use the call button on the bedside. No response. Nothing.

He rolls over and falls to the floor. Panicking, he gets to his feet and looks around the room. Interestingly, the bouquet of flowers on the table are all dried and dead. He staggers to the door and out into the deserted hallway.

“Hello? Hello! Anybody?! Where is everyone? Did they all go on break at the same time?”

He shuffles down the hall, still looking for someone, anyone.  At the end of the hall, he sees something strange – a set of double doors are held shut with a wooden board.. Why would someone barricade the doors, and who would want to? His first instinct is to open it and see if anyone needs help. He is, after all, a police officer, and it is his sworn duty to serve and protect.  He removes the board and pulls the door open.

What he finds inside is not normal! Everyone he sees is dead! Decayed! Rotting! He shrieks and one of the things lunges toward him.  He struggles to get away from the thing. “What are you doing! Get off! Can’t you understand?!”

“Unngghhhh,” the walking corpse groans.  It was almost as if it wanted to eat him! He was terrified. In what world had he awakened?! How much time had passed; Days Gone Bye?? He struggled to the stairwell, and finally rid himself of the dead, but walking creature.

He was alone, in this strange and twisted reality. What was he to do? Where was he to go? He had to get to the bottom of this. Surely Lori and Carl had to know. He hoped they were safe at home, just waiting for him. Rick had to find answers.

If you can guess what I’m getting at here, it’s part of the opening sequence of The Walking Dead. It is one of my absolute favorite TV shows! However, I would not consider it in the “Horror” genre…

By no means am I fictional writer, nor do I play one on TV.  But it would be great to play a walker (zombie) on The Walking Dead!

What if you were in the zombie apocalypse? Would you survive? What role would you play? If it were me, I’d be there right along Rick, Michonne, Carl, & Maggie, slashing walkers left and right, surviving and providing for the group. You definitely want me on your side in the apocalypse. 😉


Source: The Walking Dead Wiki