After brushing up on the photography skills this week, I’ve realized that I know a lot more about taking great photos than I thought I did. I took a photography class in high school, and we covered everything from framing a photo, the rule of thirds, contrast, lines, etc. to developing real film! Pretty much everything that was covered in these writings on how to be a better photographer, I learned in class! (Developing film was my favorite part.) Since it’s been about 4-5 years since taking that course, it has almost become second nature to me to follow these guidelines, so I don’t think about them – I just do it automatically!  I received my most recent camera as a Christmas present, almost 9 years ago (I know, it’s an old camera) and have since taken over 21,000 photographs, in about 20 states, and 9 countries. I love photography and taking pictures! I take photos of everything and anything, but my favorite subjects are landscapes, nature, and candid shots. I love taking pictures, but it takes FOREVER to edit all of them!

I take the most amount of photos when I’m on vacation, so I usually try to express an emotion of relaxation, awe, freedom, etc. However, I think that sometimes I could use angles more often than I actually do to improve my photos. Maybe the photoblitz, or another assignment this week will test that ability to use angles.   I would LOVE to get a new camera, and when I do, I want a wide angle lens, so I am able to capture more natural beauty in one photo without stitching them together in a panorama. I would also love to experiment with a fish eye lens. I’ve never used one and that would give the picture an entirely different feel from a regular photo. Talk about using angles…


After reading the article about Dorothea Lange and her iconic photos of the Great Depression, it is interesting to learn that the most iconic and popular photo almost didn’t happen! It just goes to show that even if you think you have all of the photos you need, there might be one more chance to get it right. It also shows readers that if you ever come across hardships while on assignment, things will work themselves out in the end!