The road to your future leads right down a straightforward path.

I think.

Maybe a slight curve.

Well, maybe a few bends in the road.

Umm, maybe a lot of ups and downs.

Ok, it’s actually like maneuvering a dingy on dry land through a corn maze in August in a wildfire.




For today’s Daily Create, we had to create a grook.  Piet Hein was famous for his grooks.  You can read up on some of his grooks here.

The grooks are characterized by irony, paradox, brevity, precise use of language, sophisticated rhythms and rhymes, and an often satiric nature.Wikepedia

I hope I did Hein justice with this attempt at a grook.  As you might know, writing poetry is not my strong suit and I usually don’t enjoy it. I tried to make the last line as comical and confusing as could be, so if you were confused, that was what I was going for.  Life can be confusing at times, especially if you have no idea what you want to do for the rest of your life.