Today’s Daily Create:

It is that time of the year (except for Arizona, we know Alan) where many of us will be changing our clocks. A time of transition. Take a photo that shows it is that time of the year.

A perfect day for such a Daily Create! It’s the first day of October, and now we can officially start decorating for Halloween and wear fall clothing! Yay! Fall is my favorite time of year, because the weather is getting colder, but it’s not full blown winter yet… It is the perfect weather for a sweatshirt and cup of hot apple cider, while sitting around a campfire! Just listening to the crackling and pops of the burning wood, as you sip your hot apple beverage – so relaxing! This is also the season for apple picking, fall festivals, and pumpkins! I also might just really love the color orange, and am happy that it is now a prominent seasonal color.. You never know!

The nights are getting longer, giving me more time to stargaze. This photo was taken outside of the ITCC right around dusk, and no one was around, creating the perfect moment for a panoramic photo!


Time for Fall!