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All I can say is this is the final weekly summary! The end is in sight! We all made it through a tough semester full of ds106 work. I can say that I am glad it’s over, but next semester,… Continue Reading →

Week 13: Better Late than Never

Week 13 was kind of light, course-load wise, which was nice, because I had two papers and a presentation due in my other classes.  By the time Friday rolled around, I was not in the mood for any ds106 work,… Continue Reading →

Mish Mash and What Not

Here we are.. Week 12.. Wow, we’re almost done!! It’s hard to believe that we really only have about 3 weeks of classes left (including Thanksgiving Break!) Assignments: This week was mashup week, and I completed 10.5 stars worth of… Continue Reading →

Crank it Up

Even though this week was “Take it to 11”, it was less stressful on me this week. Strange, how when there are more ds106 assignments that I find a way to manage my time better… Since this was week 2… Continue Reading →

The Video Dread

Week 10.. What can I say. This week has been one of hell of a shit show. I’m definitely glad that this week is over, to say the least.  On top of having to complete all of the assignments for… Continue Reading →

Week 9: More Than Halfway

I feel like I’m getting to the point where I’m getting burnt out on ds106 work.  Although it was another light load this week, I still felt like I had no time to finish everything. I had events going on… Continue Reading →

The Radio Show Finale!

Even though this was a light week in terms of ds106 work, I was swamped with other work, and sadly I did not get as much done over Fall Break as I would have liked to. I did not sleep… Continue Reading →

Busy Busy Busy

And so ends week 7.  This was a REALLY busy week for me, so I’m glad that the workload for ds106 this week was a little bit lighter.  Even though Fall Break is upon us, there will be no break… Continue Reading →

A Rainy End to Design Week

Design week wasn’t so bad! When I first started to read the assignment post for the week, I wasn’t sure what all “design” would entail.. Assignments I really enjoyed the Assignment Bank this week. A lot of the choices were… Continue Reading →

5 Weeks in.. Already?!

Audio, by far is my second least favorite thing to work on/with.  This mostly comes from the fact that I hate recording myself, or listening to recordings of myself.   This week, I felt more on top of things than… Continue Reading →

As Dark as it Gets

This week was images!!! My favorite! However, besides this course, I had a lot going on – 2 quizzes, 2 exams, 3 practices, and too many tutorials and meetings to count! I completed most of my star assignments on Monday –… Continue Reading →

Raaaaving about the Week

Ho hum.. this week. I thought I started off so strong! Getting most of the readings out of the way early in the week, but I let the Writing Assignments go by the wayside and was up to the last… Continue Reading →

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