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week 6

A Rainy End to Design Week

Design week wasn’t so bad! When I first started to read the assignment post for the week, I wasn’t sure what all “design” would entail.. Assignments I really enjoyed the Assignment Bank this week. A lot of the choices were… Continue Reading →

Alien Film Design

This week we had to watch a film of our choice from the list provided, and analyze it based on its film design and how it fits Vignelli’s idea of design fundamentals. I chose chose to watch Alien, because I was… Continue Reading →

Love at First Flight

These two macaws have fought long and hard to be together. Neither one’s family approved of the relationship, but the two were so in love! They would go to any length to be together! – It was true love! For years,… Continue Reading →

Bon Voyage, Jim!

For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Professor Groom Poster assignment, buuuut I didn’t follow it exactly…  The instructions said to paste Jim’s head into a TV show, or movie, but instead I just made him into a movie star!… Continue Reading →

Fall, Festivities, and Fires… Campfires, That is

Today’s Daily Create: It is that time of the year (except for Arizona, we know Alan) where many of us will be changing our clocks. A time of transition. Take a photo that shows it is that time of the… Continue Reading →

Vignelli’s Selfish Canon

Vignelli had some great advice about design that was really easy for everyone to understand. I sort of just journaled and wrote down ideas that I had as a read the canon, so some of these sentences may simply be ideas… Continue Reading →

Gold on the Ceiling

I have solved the problem! The Black Keys wanted to get their gold on the ceiling, and I have done it, thanks to Upside down day, of course! Today’s Daily Create: Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything… Continue Reading →

Put On Your War Paint

You may not realize it, but I am a huge Fall Out Boy fan! I already used one of their songs in the mashup assignment during audio week, and I saw them in concert this summer as well! Fun fact:… Continue Reading →

My Friday Nights

For 2 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Post Secret assignment. It’s time to get real! Design your own ds106 themed Post Secret postcard. Use photo editing software to experiment with different fonts and layering images. My life thus… Continue Reading →

A Two-for-One Special!

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Well I do too, and that’s exactly what I got with this assignment! Not only does it complete a Daily Create, but it is also an assignment, worth 3 stars! Lucky me, yippee! Today’s Daily… Continue Reading →

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