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week 5

5 Weeks in.. Already?!

Audio, by far is my second least favorite thing to work on/with. ¬†This mostly comes from the fact that I hate recording myself, or listening to recordings of myself.   This week, I felt more on top of things than… Continue Reading →

You’re Listening To…

ds106, of course! That’s what you’re listening to! This week, we had to create a radio bumper, and even though it is in the Assignment Bank, it was not worth any stars this week… ūüôĀ   I first recorded the… Continue Reading →

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Radio Show Ideas:   It would be really cool if a story was told using only sound effects, and no dialogue. ¬†This would be really cool, but also difficult, because the show has to be 20-30 minutes long. It would… Continue Reading →

Let’s Take it Slowwww

For 3 stars this week, I completed the 800% Slower Assignment.   I have come to learn that Audacity hates me. ¬†In order to keep the smoothness of the track, I slowed down the track using the Paulstretch effect under… Continue Reading →

A Riddle for Ye’ Break Time

Ahoy, me mateys! Here’s a riddle¬†for ye young lads. What is a pirate’s favorite amino acid?       ARRRRRRginine! (Arginine)   Alright ya’ chums, now put down the grog and back to work!

Audio in the Real World

Audio, Audio, Audio This week is all about audio, and how it¬†plays a large part in storytelling. Audio is used in films and other forms of media for added effect. Remember those dramatic scenes in your favorite movie, and the… Continue Reading →

“Radical” Views in the Sino-Japanese War

Today’s Daily Create: Segawa thirty-seven has mixed old an new in a selection of amazing animated gifs like the one above. you can find many Japanese and Chinese prints in the public domain to edit. Pick one and juxtapose old… Continue Reading →

When Rick Met Walter

**A note to the readers: If you watch¬†The Walking Dead, and have followed the stories of Walter the Walker and Sally Slaughterhouse, you will know that they live in New Mexico, after the world went to shit, just like Rick… Continue Reading →

“Alright, Let’s Remix This Business…”

For 3.5 stars this week, I completed the Music Mashup Assignment. ¬†The purpose of this assignment was to take two distinct songs and mash them together. ¬†I chose¬†The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy, and¬†Alles Neu by Peter Fox. ¬†These two… Continue Reading →

Getting Caught

For today’s Daily Create, we had to create a story using only 5 flickr photos. Check out my story,¬†Getting Caught!   From the small image sizes that I had to choose from, the third photo looked like a card scanner,… Continue Reading →

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