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week 3

The Scariest of the Horror-est

Aaarrrgggghhhhh hhaarrcchh aaarrrccchh ggggnnnnghgh Hi again! Sally Slaughterhouse and Walter the Walker here! I hope everyone has been holding up ok! We are here to give you a summary of the best work created during week 3! We will be… Continue Reading →

Raaaaving about the Week

Ho hum.. this week. I thought I started off so strong! Getting most of the readings out of the way early in the week, but I let the Writing Assignments go by the wayside and was up to the last… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the World of Grimm. I think?

Have you heard of the TV series Grimm? Yea? Me too! I love that show! But have you ever heard of Grime? No? That’s ok.. It’s similar to Grimm, but instead of seeing Wesen, Nick sees the filth. Everywhere.   Talk about… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Club

Arggghhh ughhhrrrrgg hhhhaaaarrggh eeerrrrrgggghhhhhh aaarrrhhhhh haaaaarrrrghgh   Hi there! My name is Sally Slaughterhouse! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the translator for your new host, Walter the Walker! He can be hard to understand sometimes, so that’s why I’m… Continue Reading →

It’s Always the Damn Shower Scene!

For 3 stars this week, I watched a movie for homework! “Write a review of a movie.” In sticking with the theme of horror, I watched Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.  It had an interesting opening, and I didn’t really think that… Continue Reading →

That Fateful Day

For 2 stars this week, I played The Wiki Game. The object of this game is to start with a random word, and somehow end up at the ending randomized word, only using links found within the Wiki pages.  Some of… Continue Reading →

Computers are Evil

Your computer crashed and you lost all your files? OH NO!!!!! *Sigh* If only Harry could bring them back… If only.. But really, if he could, THAT WOULD BE EPIC!! Good luck Kelsey!

The Dishes and the Beast?

For 2 stars this week, I decided to complete the TV Guide Remix Assignment. Take an existing movie or television show and change the writing of the synopsis in a way where it’s still factual correct, yet the story line… Continue Reading →

How Talky Tina Changed the Shape of the Story

After watching Kurt Vonnegut discuss the shape of stories, we can now apply this method to a story we have already seen thus far: The Twilight Zone episode, “Living Doll”. For reference, the episode is embedded below.   For this… Continue Reading →

Lunch and Horror Don’t Mix

As we begin this week, I thought it in my best interest to try to get as much done at the beginning of the week, instead of waiting ’til Thursday & Friday.  For this assignment, we were asked to read/listen/watch… Continue Reading →

A Painful Encounter

Today’s Daily Create: Write a caption for what is in the mind of the dolphin as it travels to visit this rare, red crab.    

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