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week 2

Unnnggh.. The Stress of Week 2

Oh Boy. This week was.. Stressful, to say the least.  And it’s only week 2!!! I guess this is what senior year does to people. Although I was not sick this week (yay!), I still felt swamped with work and… Continue Reading →

Marbles, Men, Myths, & Mysteries

After reading both articles about the Slender Man and Web 2.0 Storytelling, it is clear that we have entered a new era of storytelling: Digital Storytelling. However, this new era begs the question, “Is this a new means of storytelling?”… Continue Reading →

That Bloody Picture

To complete my stars for this week, I have decided to remix someone else’s assignment from the Color Changer Assignment.  This remix is worth the original 3 stars, plus 2 remix stars for a total of 5 whopping stars! Crazy!… Continue Reading →

On the Rocks

What better place to be than at the base of a 70 m waterfall?! This photo was taken on my Spring Break Trip to Costa Rica in Spring 2015 at the La Fortuna waterfall.  The hike down to the base… Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Lost..

For 2 stars this week, I decided to try my hand at designing a maze.  Do you remember that old pencil-paper game that we used to play, called dots? Well, I found it online and used it as a starting… Continue Reading →

Where in the World?!

As nerdy or cliche as it may sound, I do have a bucket list that I actually update and check things off! I don’t really know where, when or why I started one, but at some point in my life,… Continue Reading →

Night of the Living Dolls

Oh boy.. Where to start? How about starting with watching some creepy shows starring some creepy dolls? To start, we had to watch three videos involving dolls: The Twilight Zone “Living Doll”; Night Gallery “The Doll”;  Trilogy of Terror “Amelia”. My first thought about… Continue Reading →

Rambo, the Rock Star?

I didn’t know that Rambo was in the iconic rock band KISS!? Did you? Today’s Daily Create Prompt: Studies in Crap presents ’80s Action Heroes Where They Don’t Belong, Part One: Rambo Coloring & Activity Book! Pick your worst image and… Continue Reading →

The Scandal: A Daily Create

The Daily Create for 31. August, 2015: The object was to create a short story using, which automatically blacks out certain trigger words.  It was entertaining to just type in random words and see what worked and what didn’t!… Continue Reading →

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