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week 10

The Video Dread

Week 10.. What can I say. This week has been one of hell of a shit show. I’m definitely glad that this week is over, to say the least.  On top of having to complete all of the assignments for… Continue Reading →

Down, Up, Down, Up

This week, we were asked to watch and read some pieces on analyzing film.  After doing so, we were asked to create our own video essay, using a scene from a film or video that we have previously watched earlier… Continue Reading →

Sally Tried to Make Dinner

For 4 stars this week, I was going to complete the Activity Time Lapse assignment. I even checked out a GoPro from the ITCC and a tripod! However, Since I was still learning how to use the GoPro, I set… Continue Reading →

Reverse, Reverse!

For 2.5 stars this week, I completed the Play it Backward, Jack assignment. Things always look super weird when you play them in reverse, don’t they? So take a video of something in your life–someone running, the toilet flushing, the… Continue Reading →

Wait, What happened? I Need to See a Replay..

For 3 stars this week, I created and completed the Instant Replay! assignment. Choose a video or clip of an action, and then pick a part of the original clip and slow it down to create an instant replay.  Show… Continue Reading →


Missing. Please help!     This was created as part of the daily create.  I created the poster by hand on printer paper, then I scanned the poster and viola! After scanning it and taking pictures of it, I decided… Continue Reading →

Sally’s Six

Hi there, Sally Slaughterhouse here! Today, I will be counting down the best work from last week, Week 9! Usually it is only a top 5 countdown, but today, I decided to add one extra piece, so I will be… Continue Reading →

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