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The Final Doomsday

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IT IS HERE!! WE DID IT!! We made it through a semester of ds106!!!!! An entire semester full of hard work and long nights editing to perfection, and it all culminates with one final project: the final nightmare. For our… Continue Reading →

Radio Show Reviews

This week, everyone’s radio show was aired on ds106radio! I was able to listen in on all of the shows Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday, I chose to go to Lip Sync, which is a Homecoming week tradition, so I was… Continue Reading →

The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour

It is done! We finished recording and we put the finishing touches on our radio show! We met Tuesday and Thursday, and over those two days, we recorded everything for the show, excluding the commercials and bumpers we had created… Continue Reading →

Slowly, But Surely!

This week it’s crunch time! Radio Shows are due on Friday and Fall Break kind put a kink in people’s schedules because we all went home for different days. We were all able to find time on Tuesday afternoon to… Continue Reading →

Wally’s Reaper Repellent

For 3.5 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Radio Commercial assignment.  This counts towards my star count for the week, and we can also use it for our radio show! Look Ma, I’m multi tasking!     In order… Continue Reading →

I Hope You Brought More Socks

Prepare to be spooked and have your socks knocked off! I would recommend bringing an extra pair, or two.. Coming in two weeks: Grade-A Gruesome’s Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour! This week’s theme: zombies.   To create this promo poster,… Continue Reading →

So Far, So Good!

It’s radio week, and that means group radio show projects! My group consists of me, Kathi, James, & Aaron! We are Grade A Gruesome. We hope you brought another pair of socks, because you’re about to have yours knocked off!… Continue Reading →

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Radio Show Ideas:   It would be really cool if a story was told using only sound effects, and no dialogue.  This would be really cool, but also difficult, because the show has to be 20-30 minutes long. It would… Continue Reading →

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