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The Road to Your Future

The road to your future leads right down a straightforward path. I think. Maybe a slight curve. Well, maybe a few bends in the road. Umm, maybe a lot of ups and downs. Ok, it’s actually like maneuvering a dingy on… Continue Reading →


Missing. Please help!     This was created as part of the daily create.  I created the poster by hand on printer paper, then I scanned the poster and viola! After scanning it and taking pictures of it, I decided… Continue Reading →

Happy or Sad, Home is Where the Heart is..

Today’s Daily Create focused on the “ugly underside” to a happy place. What is your happy place, and what dark secret looms behind its cheery face? ‘Like an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly… Continue Reading →

Fall, Festivities, and Fires… Campfires, That is

Today’s Daily Create: It is that time of the year (except for Arizona, we know Alan) where many of us will be changing our clocks. A time of transition. Take a photo that shows it is that time of the… Continue Reading →

Gold on the Ceiling

I have solved the problem! The Black Keys wanted to get their gold on the ceiling, and I have done it, thanks to Upside down day, of course! Today’s Daily Create: Take a photo of a subject, landscape, or anything… Continue Reading →

A Two-for-One Special!

Everyone loves a bargain, right? Well I do too, and that’s exactly what I got with this assignment! Not only does it complete a Daily Create, but it is also an assignment, worth 3 stars! Lucky me, yippee! Today’s Daily… Continue Reading →

A Riddle for Ye’ Break Time

Ahoy, me mateys! Here’s a riddle for ye young lads. What is a pirate’s favorite amino acid?       ARRRRRRginine! (Arginine)   Alright ya’ chums, now put down the grog and back to work!

“Radical” Views in the Sino-Japanese War

Today’s Daily Create: Segawa thirty-seven has mixed old an new in a selection of amazing animated gifs like the one above. you can find many Japanese and Chinese prints in the public domain to edit. Pick one and juxtapose old… Continue Reading →

Getting Caught

For today’s Daily Create, we had to create a story using only 5 flickr photos. Check out my story, Getting Caught!   From the small image sizes that I had to choose from, the third photo looked like a card scanner,… Continue Reading →

Just Bend… And Snap!

Today’s Daily Create: David Jablow found this doodle pad and turned it into many wonderful works of art! Your turn. Can you turn this basic doodle into a work of art? You can see what David made with it for inspiration… Continue Reading →

Awe, Amazement, Joy, & Peace

Today’s Daily Create: A photo taken with the intention to elicit a specific emotion in the viewer. In case you need emotional reminders, here is an emotion wheel courtesy of Wikimedia. This photo was taken on my trip to Costa Rica… Continue Reading →

Self-Help That No One Wants

For today’s Daily Create, we had to create a cover for a bad self-help book. Create a companion volume cover – the self help book you think we all need. If you would like an idea of the worst self… Continue Reading →

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