It’s radio week, and that means group radio show projects! My group consists of me, Kathi, James, & Aaron! We are Grade A Gruesome. We hope you brought another pair of socks, because you’re about to have yours knocked off!

There are a few requirements for the radio show assignment, and after meeting in person today, I think we have a pretty cool idea to work with! I won’t give away any spoilers here, but look for our promos later this week and tune in next week to listen to our final show!

We got a lot accomplished in our meeting today, and we created a rough outline for our show. We also figured out that we need to complete 3 commercials, and a few more bumpers for our show, some of which will be specific for our show. ┬áSince we all were required to create a radio bumper during audio week, we are going to use those in our show, so that saves us some work for the next two weeks, woo! We decided that we will record some of the individual parts beforehand, and then record some of the larger portions together. We have already set a day to have all of the recordings finished by, so we’re hoping to be on top of things for this assignment! Things are off to a great start with this group. I am confident that we will be able to hold it together!