This week it’s crunch time! Radio Shows are due on Friday and Fall Break kind put a kink in people’s schedules because we all went home for different days. We were all able to find time on Tuesday afternoon to work on recording our radio show.  We worked on our show for 5 hours! But then it got to the point where none of us were productive anymore, because we were all hungry.  We took advantage of our resources and used the recording booth on campus, so our audio clips are really clear! Grade-A Gruesome decided that we would meet again Thursday evening to finish up the rest of it.  Right now, we have the first half completely ready to go, but we still need to record a few more segments in order to fulfill the time requirement.  So far, I am really proud of what we have accomplished and all of you listeners are in for a treat next week when our show airs!

As a little peak into some of our work, here is one of our commercials that Aaron created last week.  I can not stop laughing every time I hear this! This is absolutely fantastic!