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Sally’s Six

Hi there, Sally Slaughterhouse here! Today, I will be counting down the best work from last week, Week 9! Usually it is only a top 5 countdown, but today, I decided to add one extra piece, so I will be… Continue Reading →

Week 9: More Than Halfway

I feel like I’m getting to the point where I’m getting burnt out on ds106 work.  Although it was another light load this week, I still felt like I had no time to finish everything. I had events going on… Continue Reading →

Who Killed Victor?

If anyone has listened to Grade-A Gruesome’s last radio show, you will know that it did not end well for Victor.  Was it a conspiracy? Did the other radio hosts plot to kill Victor? There might be few leads, but… Continue Reading →

Radio Show Reviews

This week, everyone’s radio show was aired on ds106radio! I was able to listen in on all of the shows Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday, I chose to go to Lip Sync, which is a Homecoming week tradition, so I was… Continue Reading →

Happy or Sad, Home is Where the Heart is..

Today’s Daily Create focused on the “ugly underside” to a happy place. What is your happy place, and what dark secret looms behind its cheery face? ‘Like an evil twin or a twisted pair, happy places can have an ugly… Continue Reading →

An Invitation for Spooksy

I have invited Spooksy for dinner, and I do hope he enjoys what I have cooked up! It has been a little quiet around here now that Walter is gone, but I’m managing! After losing both Walter and Victor almost… Continue Reading →

The Radio Show Finale!

Even though this was a light week in terms of ds106 work, I was swamped with other work, and sadly I did not get as much done over Fall Break as I would have liked to. I did not sleep… Continue Reading →

The Smooth & Spooky Variety Hour

It is done! We finished recording and we put the finishing touches on our radio show! We met Tuesday and Thursday, and over those two days, we recorded everything for the show, excluding the commercials and bumpers we had created… Continue Reading →

Slowly, But Surely!

This week it’s crunch time! Radio Shows are due on Friday and Fall Break kind put a kink in people’s schedules because we all went home for different days. We were all able to find time on Tuesday afternoon to… Continue Reading →

Busy Busy Busy

And so ends week 7.  This was a REALLY busy week for me, so I’m glad that the workload for ds106 this week was a little bit lighter.  Even though Fall Break is upon us, there will be no break… Continue Reading →

This is a Chicken Emergency!

For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Please! Someone Call the Police! assignment.  This was a fun assignment, because I was able to create a scenario with any topic I wanted and was able to make it my own…. Continue Reading →

Wally’s Reaper Repellent

For 3.5 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Radio Commercial assignment.  This counts towards my star count for the week, and we can also use it for our radio show! Look Ma, I’m multi tasking!     In order… Continue Reading →

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