IT IS HERE!! WE DID IT!! We made it through a semester of ds106!!!!!

An entire semester full of hard work and long nights editing to perfection, and it all culminates with one final project: the final nightmare.

For our final project, we had to use a variety of tools that we have learned over the course of this semester, and we had to incorporate at least  4 different types of work (i.e. video, audio, visual, etc.).  We also had to tell a story of some sort. We were allowed to build on work that we had already completed, so I used my previous work to my advantage, and told the story of Sally Slaughterhouse, and her journey through the zombie apocalypse. Now, this is no ordinary story. I used a program called Twine in order to create a “game” where viewers can follow along with the story line, and they have to make decisions in order to move forward.  Some decisions are better than others, and the viewers/ players will figure that out as they continue through the story.

For my final project, I incorporated previous works, pulling from the audio, visual, writing, design, web, and animated GIF categories.  I also added a few new works as well! Most of the new material was writing related, as I had to somehow link previous works together.  I also added a few animated GIFs from the site  This site is full of GIFs that were created mostly by freshman during their orientation sessions over the summer. However, since I helped out with some of the behind-the scenes-work with that session, I also contributed to the list of GIFs on the site.  I chose GIFs that I had created, and some GIFs that fellow students had created.

I took me a long time to work out all of the details that connected the pages.  I had an idea of where I wanted to go with this, but it was hard putting pen to paper, or in this case, fingers to keys! When I had finished adding all of the story to Twine, a wave a relief crashed over me. But I still wasn’t satisfied with the final look.  I then edited the CSS of the file, and changed the background color, link color, and font style.  NOW I was completely finished with the story!

The next challenge was publishing it on the interwebz. With Twine, it gives you all of your data in HTML format, so the story must live on its own subdomain.  I already had a subdomain that I had used to play around with Twine over the summer, so I simply uploaded my HTML file to my file manager in cPanel! Since the subdomain doesn’t have any application installed on it, like WordPress, I had to rename the file, and then check to see if all of my pictures and graphics showed up on another computer. It took me three more edits of my twine story in order for my other media types to be displayed correctly. I finally got it working though! This problem was more trial and error than anything else. I would change something in my Twine story, then I would have to upload the new file to see how things looked, and then go back and make more edits if need be.

Now that you have read all about my adventures in creating my final project, i give you:

MY FINAL NIGHTMARE (Although I do have to say that I’m glad it’s over with before finals week….)