Let me start by saying that I love working in the DKC! All of the other tutors have such great ideas and Callie actually gave me a BRILLIANT idea for my final project! Since we can build off of previous creations from this class, I was already thinking about creating a backstory for my host character, Sally Slaughterhouse.  The idea that I had was to build her backstory and give a little more dimension to her character. So far, we have seen glimpses into her past. For my final project, I am thinking of creating an interactive “game” for viewers to follow along with.. Kind of like one of those nonlinear stories, where you choose A or B and each path will be different, but YOU have to make the decision!

In order to create this “game”, I am planning on using a program called Twine.  I have experimented with Twine before, but I’ve never done anything this complex. Let’s hope I can pull it off! Now the task is to go back over what I have already created and see what I can reuse, what I want to tweak for my character, and which assignments I can complete or take ideas from.. Wish me luck!