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How Talky Tina Changed the Shape of the Story

After watching Kurt Vonnegut discuss the shape of stories, we can now apply this method to a story we have already seen thus far: The Twilight Zone episode, “Living Doll”. For reference, the episode is embedded below.   For this… Continue Reading →

Lunch and Horror Don’t Mix

As we begin this week, I thought it in my best interest to try to get as much done at the beginning of the week, instead of waiting ’til Thursday & Friday.  For this assignment, we were asked to read/listen/watch… Continue Reading →

Marbles, Men, Myths, & Mysteries

After reading both articles about the Slender Man and Web 2.0 Storytelling, it is clear that we have entered a new era of storytelling: Digital Storytelling. However, this new era begs the question, “Is this a new means of storytelling?”… Continue Reading →

Night of the Living Dolls

Oh boy.. Where to start? How about starting with watching some creepy shows starring some creepy dolls? To start, we had to watch three videos involving dolls: The Twilight Zone “Living Doll”; Night Gallery “The Doll”;  Trilogy of Terror “Amelia”. My first thought about… Continue Reading →

Week One: Here we go!

As classes begin, we also start the first week of ds106. The week hasn’t been off to a great start for me – being sick on the first day of classes sucks! So far I have created accounts on SoundCloud,… Continue Reading →


He lies motionless in his hospital bed, then *GASP!* “Nurse! Nurse,” he whispers through coughs. There is no one there. He tries to use the call button on the bedside. No response. Nothing.

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