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Dear ds106ers…

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Dear future ds106ers, This course can be a lot of fun, if you don’t take yourself too seriously.  However, this course also requires A LOT of time commitment and work in order to complete all of the assignments. If your… Continue Reading →

Down, Up, Down, Up

This week, we were asked to watch and read some pieces on analyzing film.  After doing so, we were asked to create our own video essay, using a scene from a film or video that we have previously watched earlier… Continue Reading →

Radio Show Reviews

This week, everyone’s radio show was aired on ds106radio! I was able to listen in on all of the shows Monday through Wednesday.  Thursday, I chose to go to Lip Sync, which is a Homecoming week tradition, so I was… Continue Reading →

Alien Film Design

This week we had to watch a film of our choice from the list provided, and analyze it based on its film design and how it fits Vignelli’s idea of design fundamentals. I chose chose to watch Alien, because I was… Continue Reading →

Vignelli’s Selfish Canon

Vignelli had some great advice about design that was really easy for everyone to understand. I sort of just journaled and wrote down ideas that I had as a read the canon, so some of these sentences may simply be ideas… Continue Reading →

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Radio Show Ideas:   It would be really cool if a story was told using only sound effects, and no dialogue.  This would be really cool, but also difficult, because the show has to be 20-30 minutes long. It would… Continue Reading →

Audio in the Real World

Audio, Audio, Audio This week is all about audio, and how it plays a large part in storytelling. Audio is used in films and other forms of media for added effect. Remember those dramatic scenes in your favorite movie, and the… Continue Reading →

Almost Dark

Another assignment for this week was to review the cinemagraphic effects of horror movie.  For this review, I chose the Movie, Near Dark.  As I was watching the movie, I took notes as to which effect I could pick out.  They… Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

They say they exist, but no one has ever seen them.. They are said to live within your camera; watching, waiting to emerge and attack at just the precise moment.. Their eyes are like lenses – no one likes looking… Continue Reading →

Time Flies When You’re Under Pressure

This week, we were tasked with completing what is otherwise known as a photoblitz! This is a cool concept, where you are given a list of photos to take that agree with the “prompt”. Each computer (? I guess?) is… Continue Reading →

A Passion for Pictures

After brushing up on the photography skills this week, I’ve realized that I know a lot more about taking great photos than I thought I did. I took a photography class in high school, and we covered everything from framing… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Club

Arggghhh ughhhrrrrgg hhhhaaaarrggh eeerrrrrgggghhhhhh aaarrrhhhhh haaaaarrrrghgh   Hi there! My name is Sally Slaughterhouse! I’d like to introduce myself. I’m the translator for your new host, Walter the Walker! He can be hard to understand sometimes, so that’s why I’m… Continue Reading →

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