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The Daily Create

Welcome to the World of Grimm. I think?

Have you heard of the TV series Grimm? Yea? Me too! I love that show! But have you ever heard of Grime? No? That’s ok.. It’s similar to Grimm, but instead of seeing Wesen, Nick sees the filth. Everywhere.   Talk about… Continue Reading →

Computers are Evil

Your computer crashed and you lost all your files? OH NO!!!!! *Sigh* If only Harry could bring them back… If only.. But really, if he could, THAT WOULD BE EPIC!! Good luck Kelsey!

A Painful Encounter

Today’s Daily Create: Write a caption for what is in the mind of the dolphin as it travels to visit this rare, red crab.    

On the Rocks

What better place to be than at the base of a 70 m waterfall?! This photo was taken on my Spring Break Trip to Costa Rica in Spring 2015 at the La Fortuna waterfall.  The hike down to the base… Continue Reading →

Rambo, the Rock Star?

I didn’t know that Rambo was in the iconic rock band KISS!? Did you? Today’s Daily Create Prompt: Studies in Crap presents ’80s Action Heroes Where They Don’t Belong, Part One: Rambo Coloring & Activity Book! Pick your worst image and… Continue Reading →

The Scandal: A Daily Create

The Daily Create for 31. August, 2015: The object was to create a short story using, which automatically blacks out certain trigger words.  It was entertaining to just type in random words and see what worked and what didn’t!… Continue Reading →

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