Scary Stories as Told by a Scaredy Cat

Exploring the Scary Side of Storytelling in DS106



Love at First Flight

These two macaws have fought long and hard to be together. Neither one’s family approved of the relationship, but the two were so in love! They would go to any length to be together! – It was true love! For years,… Continue Reading →

Eye of the Beholder

They say they exist, but no one has ever seen them.. They are said to live within your camera; watching, waiting to emerge and attack at just the precise moment.. Their eyes are like lenses – no one likes looking… Continue Reading →

Time Flies When You’re Under Pressure

This week, we were tasked with completing what is otherwise known as a photoblitz! This is a cool concept, where you are given a list of photos to take that agree with the “prompt”. Each computer (? I guess?) is… Continue Reading →

It’s a Small World After All

For my last star for the week, I decided to complete the Larger Than Life Assignment. I really only needed 0.5 stars.. Why aren’t there any assignments that are worth 0.5 stars! Take a picture of an everyday object and… Continue Reading →

Silky Smooth

For 2.5 stars this week, I completed the Shiny Like Silk Assignment.  This was a really fun assignment! It honestly did not feel like homework at all. To complete this, I went to the website,, which allows you to… Continue Reading →

Alphabet Food

This week, I chose to make an A-Z food collage for 2 stars! Going in to this, I thought, “Oh this’ll be super easy. I love food!” However, there are some letters that are very rare in the food world,… Continue Reading →

Wait, I Have Siblings?

For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Multiply Yourself Assignment. Take two or more photographs of yourself in one location. You must not change the position of the camera and take care that the light does not change either. Use a… Continue Reading →

The Cotton Candy Forest?

For 2.5 stars this week, I decided to do the Color Changer Assignment. Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks! Then post it on flickr to show… Continue Reading →

Don’t Get Lost..

For 2 stars this week, I decided to try my hand at designing a maze.  Do you remember that old pencil-paper game that we used to play, called dots? Well, I found it online and used it as a starting… Continue Reading →

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