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Hi again! Sally Slaughterhouse and Walter the Walker here! I hope everyone has been holding up ok! We are here to give you a summary of the best work created during week 3!

We will be highlighting work from other ds106ers in no particular order! Everyone had great work this week!!!


Rrrrrrgggghhh  cccrrraaarrrrrgggg

Right! To start of, we will be introducing some of the assignments that had a more humourous feel to them, and then get more horrific as we progress!


To start, Ms Clara Hope completed a Daily Create and in the process, created a new movie!


Oh Walter, you’re so funny! He said that he should get the leading role in this movie!! See for yourself!


  Next, The Head Reaper completed another Daily Create and learned how to understand dolphin speak! How fun!

They said...Source: The Head Reaper


Now to get a little more scary, Aaron’s Adventure has a plot to murder the mailman!

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Oh Walter, stop it! Walter doesn’t really like dogs, so this was a tough one to present for him..    


Anyway, moving on! According to Mike’s Spooky Blog,  Spring is coming.. And here I thought that it was almost Fall! Silly Sally! Pull yourself together! You can see and decide for yourself!  

Peep Impact

Source: Michael Young



That’s right Walter! Our anthology is getting darker and more horrific! Next we have Nora’s story about a tragic love story that ended badly for one of them!


Really Walter? You’d eat the frozen meat? I’d at least let it thaw beforehand, and then I’d at least cook it! But alas, to each his own!


Now that we’re on the topic of food, this is a great lead in to our next piece! Jim Jam created a vivid description of his lunch of pasta and homemade sauce!


I know, Walter, I’m hungry, too! It sounds delicious!


And lastly, we’d like to introduce you to a new member of the hosting community: The Red Reaper! We look forward to hearing some creepy tales from him!


But be careful, you will stay on his good side, if you know what’s best for you!


Well, that wraps up the best from week 3! This is Sally Slaughterhouse signing off for both myself and Walter! Byyyeeee!!