Hi there, Sally Slaughterhouse here! Today, I will be counting down the best work from last week, Week 9! Usually it is only a top 5 countdown, but today, I decided to add one extra piece, so I will be counting down the top 6!!!


6. Remix! Remix!

Last week, the Head Reaper created a remix of me(!) from my most recent radio broadcast! This was creative and my peppiness is juxtaposed with a very calm and steady beat!


5. Bridget and the Death Whisperer

Last week, Bridget had an unexpected run-in with an old friend, the Death Whisperer. Eve tells a great story and leaves the end open for interpretation and leaves the readers wondering what will become of Bridget!


4. Time for Dinner!

Last week, Morlium finally told the story of when Walter and I visited for dinner. This was one of Walter’s last interactions with other people besides me, so… this story.. still makes me cry sometimes… :'(


3. Where’s the Pitchfork?

Ellen flawlessly recreated The American Gothic, but missing the pitchfork!!! Just imagine the farmer saying, “Pound it!” What is his wife staring at now???


2. Be Aware

Last week, Alexis let the community know that Mama Tavia was on the loose! This Warning poster is very funny and well done! The description describes Mama Tavia perfectly!!!  

1. Mona Lisa Creepy

And for the best work of the week, Aaron recreated the Mona Lisa, but instead of focusing on her smile, our eyes are somewhere else…


And that wraps up the best work of last week!! Until next time, this is Sally Slaughterhouse!!! BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!