As nerdy or cliche as it may sound, I do have a bucket list that I actually update and check things off! I don’t really know where, when or why I started one, but at some point in my life, I wanted to keep a list of things to do and experience during my life.  And what better way to share my bucket list with everyone, than for 2 stars!?

Have you ever made a mental list of things you wanted to do or try or jokingly said “That’s going on my bucket list!” Well, now is the time to stop messing around and actually make a bucket list. Write down a list of at least five things that you want to do or try, but do not stop there! Give the world a reason why those things are on your list regardless of how crazy or lame it may be.

My actual bucket list is quite lengthy, so I’ll only give you a taste of my dream adventures…

1. Visit All 50 States

Every state has something unique to offer and I want to get to experience all of it! So far, I have visited most of the East Coast, but I dream about living in the Pacific Northwest someday.. Possibly having a treehouse in my backyard or live in one! You never know, it could happen! You see cross-country road trips in movies, but how many people have actually taken one? (I actually know a few people who have…) Our country has so many natural and man-made wonders and I don’t want to miss anything.

2. Backpack Through Europe (Again)

I backpacked through BENELUX (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg) and parts of Germany when I studied abroad in Germany for a semester, but there are so many more countries and cultures to experience! I didn’t venture too far from Erfurt, but  if  when I go back, I want to visit many more countries, including Poland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Croatia, Greece & Turkey, to name a few…

During my semester there, some of my friends took a road trip to Croatia, and I didn’t end up going, because I had to write a paper (lame excuse, I know). Even to this day, that is the one thing that I regret not doing while I was there. Leave no regrets.

3. Hike the Grand Canyon

Can you see a theme here? I LOVE to travel and almost any outdoor activity.  When I was little, my parents left me with my grandparents for 2 weeks while they went to the Grand Canyon.  When they came back and were packing suitcases, I climbed into my car seat about 3 hours before they were planning to leave. I was NOT getting left behind again.  Since they’ve seen it, I have to see it, too.  Pictures from other people are not enough for me — I have to experience it and see it in person.

4. Go Skydiving

I have two cousins who skydive regularly, and one of them is actually on the world skydiving team and have set multiple world records! I want to see what makes it so addicting for them

5. Celebrate New Year’s in the Southern Hemisphere

Now this might seem a little specific, but awesome at the same time! Being a “Northerner”, we are partial to a cold New Year’s celebrating in the snow. It would turn your world upside down if you switched your seasons.  How about New Year’s in the summer? Yes please! I think it would be a fun adventure trying to build a sandman (not snowman) on a beach in Australia, but hey, that’s just me..

6. Try Skeleton

Now some of you might be wondering what exactly this is, and after watching the last winter Olympics in Sochi, I’ve wanted to try it! Skeleton is similar to Luge, except you are face-first, on your stomach. I think I must be somewhat of an adrenaline junkie or something…