For 3 stars this week, I created and completed the Instant Replay! assignment.

Choose a video or clip of an action, and then pick a part of the original clip and slow it down to create an instant replay.  Show both the original action as well as the slow-mo instant replay! Video editing software, like iMovie can come in really handy for an assignment like this!

I already had this video on my computer. I had recorded it last spring, and thought it would make for a funny instant replay.  Video editing is not my strong suit, and since I am a PC user, Movie Maker is not the best software to use.  So, I used one of the Macs on campus, and it definitely took me some time to get the hang of how to use iMovie. I’m pretty sure I sat staring at the screen for a good 15 minutes before stumbling through the program.  Once I got the hang of how to navigate iMovie, it became a little easier, but still not as second nature as some other computer or online applications and programs…

Anyway, here is my final product, so enjoy! (PS – no one was harmed or injured in the making of this video.)