For 2 stars this week, I decided to complete the TV Guide Remix Assignment.

Take an existing movie or television show and change the writing of the synopsis in a way where it’s still factual correct, yet the story line feels drastically different.

After a whole afternoon of thinking, I came up with a couple ideas for National Treasure, How to Train Your Dragon, and TURN: Washington’s Spies, but I found myself just repeating the plot, and not remixing it in any way. It wasn’t until I bounced a few ideas off of my roommate that things actually started to click. It was then that we came up with twisted plots for Annie, The Walking Dead, and Aristocats, but I eventually found an alternative and came up with my own. Can you guess which movie this twisted plot belongs to? (I might have given it away in the title… Oops)

Animate kitchenware plot to entrap a young maiden for their grotesque master.

The title actually sounds a bit horrifying, doesn’t it? What if you were captured and held hostage by animate cups and plates? What would you do?