For 2 stars this week, I played The Wiki Game. The object of this game is to start with a random word, and somehow end up at the ending randomized word, only using links found within the Wiki pages.  Some of the words are easier than others and after a while, the game can be quite addicting! The instructions for this assignment:

“…write a story, poem, song, or any other form expression using words using the words from the links you clicked to get from your starting word to your final word…”

I played this game a few times, until I found a path that I liked the most and thought I could write a story from.  Here are the games that I played with my clicked paths:


7 Clicks:Puerto RicoTerritories of the United StatesUnited States Postal ServiceNew York CityUnited StatesIce hockeyField hockey

6 Clicks: Weyburn AirportCanadaCanada–United States borderOhioGreater ClevelandCleveland

5 Clicks: Another Cinderella StoryCanadaFresh waterSnowSummer

5 Clicks: Pro Wrestling IllustratedUnited StatesContiguous United StatesIndianaIndianapolis

5 Clicks: Area code 869United StatesWorld War IINuremberg TrialsNuremberg


And now, a story for your enjoyment.. (The bolded words are the links that I clicked on in the game.)

Starting word: Another Cinderella Story

Ending word: Summer


Sam was in a jam. She thought her life was just another Cinderella story. But boy, was she wrong. Things were starting to look up for Sam, when she met Luke. They were so happy together! They had been together for a few months now, and had decided to move to Canada to get away from her wretched step-family.  They were renting a small cottage that sat right on a fresh water lake. It was a wintry day, and Sam and Luke decided to go ice skating on the frozen lake.  It had been cold for a while now, and they assumed that the ice would be thick enough. They grabbed their skates and headed outside, only for one of them, this would be their last…

The freshly fallen snow had covered a fishing hole that had been used by the local ice-fishermen. One wrong step, and SPLASH! Luke had fallen into the icy water.  Sam was smaller than Luke, and she couldn’t pull him out! What was she to do!? She ran to the closest house on the far side of the lake to get help.

When Sam returned a short 15 minutes later, it was too late.  Luke was frozen in the ice, just next to the opening. Sam could see the terror, frozen in his expression, through the ice.

Sam was devastated, heart-broken.. There was no one else in the world as kindhearted and as tender as Luke.  Now she couldn’t wait for Summer to come, so she could forget that fateful day, when she lost her one true love.