To complete my stars for this week, I have decided to remix someone else’s assignment from the Color Changer Assignment.  This remix is worth the original 3 stars, plus 2 remix stars for a total of 5 whopping stars! Crazy!

Original Assignment: Color Changer created by Geoffry Berryman
Take any picture in the entire world and change the color hue of the picture to completely change how it looks! Then post it on flickr to show the world!


Remix Card: “Stuffy Art Critic”

Put on your elbow patches, strike a dramatic pose, and give an assignment an over the top critique as delivered by an art snob.

For this assignment, I am taking Geoffry Berryman’s photo and critiquing it as if I were some uppity, British art critic.

Changing the hue of a sunset

*In the most old-lady-British voice you can image…*

“The color of this piece is all wrong. No sky color is never truly green, and clouds are not pink.  This was obviously taken by an amateur photographer. There is too much distraction in this piece for it to be worth anything.  The light in the background has a glare from the lens, and what about that boy in the right foreground?! What’s he doing there!? This bloody picture looks like it was taken with one of those silly camera phones! This photograph does not even deserve the one star that I’m required to give it! Looking this piece was simply a waste of my time. Bollocks.”

*Art critic storms off down the hall*

“I better not see this bloody piece hanging in my gallery when I return! I need some tea.”

*Art critic gently slams the door as she leaves the gallery*