For 4.5 stars this week, I completed the Signing Words assignment, where you must spell out a word using American Sign Language.  Since this was ASL related, I took out the audio, and added captions, so viewers can see what I’m signing.  For this assignment, I decided to sign my host character’s full name, Sally Slaughterhouse! There were a few repeated letters, so I felt like I was signing the same thing over and over again!

In order to film this, I checked out a GoPro from the Convergence Center, so that’s why the video looks a little like a fish eye.. I used Movie Maker to add the beginning titles, transition, and captions throughout.  Since I’m a PC user, using Movie Maker was much easier than trying to navigate and learn iMovie this time around.. Maybe I’ll try iMovie again with another assignment. Anyways, enjoy!