For 4 stars this week, I was going to complete the Activity Time Lapse assignment. I even checked out a GoPro from the ITCC and a tripod! However, Since I was still learning how to use the GoPro, I set the camera to take a series of photos.  Once I recorded and got the entire sequence, I tried to create a time lapse on my computer, but all of the programs that I tried to use would only allow me to import one photo at a time. This was a huge mistake on my part. Since there are a few hundred photos, this would take an incredibly long amount of time. I will try again to complete this assignment for next week. Hope it actually works!

The time lapse was going to be of Sally making dinner, for the time that Spooksy came to visit.  On the menu was brains over spaghetti, with a side of garlic bread.  Maybe she’ll make something better next week!