For 2 stars this week, I completed the ds106 Post Secret assignment.

It’s time to get real! Design your own ds106 themed Post Secret postcard. Use photo editing software to experiment with different fonts and layering images.

My life thus far has consisted of Friday nights spent on my computer. Since classes have started, I have not gone out on a Friday or do anything else “fun” until after about 11 pm. Why you ask, do I spend my Fridays doing homework? BECAUSE I HAVE TO FINISH ALL OF THE WORK FOR DS106!! I have no life. I have no free time. What little time I do have is consumed by ds106. I guess my secret is out.. When Friday night rolls around, you’ll know where to find me. With my nose in a computer, finishing that week’s weekly summary post…


Friday Night


In order to create this assignment, I first found the base image on a Google search for “Friday Night”.  I then opened it in Photoshop and used the brush tool and the text tool to create the final product. I will continue to have no life until the semester is over.  DS106, you are a soul-sucking machine.