These two macaws have fought long and hard to be together. Neither one’s family approved of the relationship, but the two were so in love! They would go to any length to be together! – It was true love!

For years, the two families quarreled, but not these two. The love birds would sneak away to have some peace without any bickering. The families could not stand each other; the lovers could not wait for the fighting to end.

Then something tragic happened. Scarlet was taken – held captive as a prisoner. Scarlet was lost, sad, and lonely! Blue was worried sick. Both separated from one another! Neither could live like this! Something had to be done.

Once the families realized how love sick Blue was for Scarlet, the families decided to cooperate to get Scarlet back! They concocted a devious plan. This plan was so devious, that it actually was carried out, leaving no trace of who had stolen Scarlet back.

All was as it should be – Scarlet and Blue were once again reunited, and the families were able to set their differences aside, well for the most part. Sometimes, family members still fought, but Blue and Scarlet were able to look past that, and see their love for each other. It was truly love at first sight.


Two Love Birds


With this assignment, I really had no idea where to start.. I didn’t have any old photos of family members – I’m at school, and the photos would be at home.. It wasn’t until Thursday night that an idea came to me to try to find a photo that I had already taken on a previous adventure. That was when I remembered my Costa Rica trip and all of the macaws!

This photo was taken during my spring break 2015 trip to Costa Rica.  There were macaws everywhere! It was such an incredible sight to see! And while these two love birds were enjoying each other’s company, there were others that were fighting and squawking like I had never seen before! So just like in the story, Scarlet and Blue only cared for each other, while the rest of the families still occasionally got into a few arguments…

I got a rough idea from the colors of these two birds.  Since they are red and blue, it reminded me of the typical Romeo and Juliet quarrel, and that was the “outline” for my story.  I didn’t want to come right out and say that that was my story line, but I was alluding to it. These birds just seemed so happy, so I couldn’t end the story in a negative way, so like all Disney movies, they lived happily ever after.