Prepare to be spooked and have your socks knocked off! I would recommend bringing an extra pair, or two..

Coming in two weeks: Grade-A Gruesome’s Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour! This week’s theme: zombies.

Grade-A Gruesome


To create this promo poster, I started from scratch in Photoshop, and experimented with the different brush types.  I was going for that blood spatter type of look, but I could not find the perfect color! The color I ended up using was a little more purple than I wanted the blood color to be, but it still is reminiscent of blood stains! By changing the size of the brush, I was able to create both blurry and sharp areas of blood spatter.  I then added each line of words as a separate layer, and viola! Grade-A Gruesome’s promo poster. This also sort of fits the description of the ds106 radio assignment, so I also tagged it as that assignment as well! Even though I’m not counting Design stars this week, it is worth 2 stars.